Matthew Corallo

New York, NY

As an education professional in New York City, Matthew Corallo has served both in schools and in the district offices to help further the education of youth in Brooklyn and across New York City. He is the cofounder of the Bushwick School for Social Justice, and has been a leader in developing and implementing a city-wide social studies curriculum for elementary and middle school students. In 2008, Mr. Corallo became the Principal at the High School of Hospitality Management in New York. As Principal he has supervised the school's staff, overseen the school budget, worked on initiatives to improve student achievement, and managed the incorporation of educational technologies into the classroom.

Matthew Corallo graduated from St. John's University in Jamaica, New York with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and History. He obtained a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from the University of San Francisco. In 1999 he began teaching at EBC/ENY High School in Brooklyn. As a Social Studies instructor he gained experience teaching Geography, US History, Global History, and Participation in Government to youth in 9th, 11th, and 12th grades. Following his time at EBC/ENY, Mr. Corallo joined with other educators to form the Bushwick School of Social Justice, where he taught Social Studies, and acted as Dean of Students and Program Chair.

Subsequent to his work at Bushwick School of Social Justice, Matthew Corallo undertook the position of Principal Intern at the Secondary School for Law in Brooklyn. In this position he worked with school leaders and the New York City Leadership Academy to administer organizational and instructional issues. Mr. Corallo next moved on to join the New York City Department of Education Office of Teaching and Learning. In his capacity as a Social Studies Instructional Specialist he helped to create a uniform curriculum for social studies across the city in grades K through 8. He also led professional development programs for social studies teachers to ensure that the best practices were being followed.

Mr. Corallo holds licenses as a NY State Certified School Administrative Supervisor, and as a NY State Certified School District Leader.