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Matthew Furman

Cary, Nc

About Me:

I am Matthew, I live in North Carolina, originally from up-state, New York. I also like spending time with my family & friends. My favorite color is orange. I like old school stuff like the VCR and the Cassette Walkman. I am a technology nerd and enjoy tinkering with technology both new and old. I spent several years volunteering and working for Thrift 2 Gift (formerly Thrift 'n Gift) a branch of the Seeds of Mustard Ministries. A non-profit thrift shop in Cary, NC. I currently work for Staples EasyTech and enjoy my work very much. I also do a bit of computer repair work outside of work for a hobby, See here for more details.

I challenge the norms of society and enjoy having fun and making people laugh. When I'm not playing around with this world wide web thingy I can usually be found on the telephone chatting with someone. On occasion I have been known to dress up as a Gingerbread Man and parade around town (see here). While I like technology, I am a bit resistant to change and never throw things away, so my home is full of obsolete stuff that refuses to break (see cassette tapes and rotary dial phones). Hey, I guess that's why my mom chose the Sanford & Son theme song for my ringtone.... anyway.. lol...

And now here's some random info about me...

Favorite Color ORANGE
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite Singer(s) Reba McEntire, Weird Al, Dolly Parton, and many more.
Favorite Radio Show The Dr. Demento Show
Favorite TV Show Rugrats
Favorite Movie Home Alone (the first one)
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Age Depends on my mood.
Birthday October 10th
Cell Phone or Landline? I have a cell phone, but I like my landline the best!
Favorite Tech Sound Dial-up Internet

Favorite Number 4,444, Because 4/4/1944 was my Grandma's birthday.
Languages I speak: USA English, Sarcasm, Microwave Oven Beep.

My Quotes
"I plan to live forever, so far so good..."

"Dreams have no limits, only minor obstacles to overcome."

"Have a Day!" See

Yours Truly,

~Matthew Furman

  • Work
    • Staples Easy Tech
  • Education
    • Apex High School