Matthew G. Bailey

entrepreneur and sales manager in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Matthew G. Bailey

entrepreneur and sales manager in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Creator of Must Do Canada, Matt Bailey is a Canadian world traveller, storyteller, writer, photographer, travel videographer, YouTube personality, and Speaker based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My passion for travel has brought me to 38 countries, 250+ cities, and 6 continents.

I / We partner with destinations, adventure companies and travel brands to help tell their stories by capturing and sharing high-quality visual content that is both creative and immersive. We create content that can either be used by the company themselves or promoted through our channels.

Our audience is worldwide, though largely based in Canada and the USA, and is spread across our website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. My work has been featured in Our Canada magazine (including the front cover photo), the Calgary Herald, and the Toronto Star to name a few.

In 2017, I created, produced, and co-hosted the largest independent multi-media campaign celebrating Canada's 150th. We drove coast to coast to coast for 150-days, creating a travel web-series for each province and territory while also answering the questions; What makes Canada Special? Our episodes have been viewed more than one million times across YouTube and Facebook.

Most recently, I created the Must Do Canada Saver Card, a physical card that scores cardholders discounts at a variety of activities, attractions, and adventures across the country. More info at

Let's promote adventure and experience! I'd love to speak to you about:

- Getting involved in our Saver Card program
- Photography & Videography Creation
- Travel Writing / Brand Journalism
- Social Awareness Campaigns
- Brand ambassadorship and promotion via Must Do Canada / Live Limitless
- Expedition Partnership
- Speaking Engagements

Please visit for more information on how we can work together.

My writing can be found at Live Limitless, where I write about world travel, life and entrepreneurship. I also teach Canadians how to fly around the world for free at Canadian Free Flyers and write about the best adventures in Canada at My newest site is

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