Matthew Knouff

Matthew Knouff, Esq., has established himself as an expert in best practices, litigation readiness, and legal technology advocating the advantages of electronic discovery (eDiscovery). Knouff currently serves as General Counsel and eDiscovery Counsel for Complete Discovery Source, Inc., a privately held firm headquartered in New York City. At CDS, Matthew Knouff specializes in electronic discovery, litigation preparedness, intellectual property, contract law and negotiation, privacy protection, eDiscovery workflow optimization, and overall discovery cost reduction. He is a member of The Sedona Conference Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production (WG1), Knouff has also developed several continuing legal education courses on various topics related to eDiscovery, and coordinates the advanced eDiscovery curriculum for the Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP). Matthew Knouff serves on the Board of Directors of the New York County Lawyers’ Association's Cyberspace Law Section and chairs the eDiscovery Sub-Committee. Knouff is also a charter member of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS). A frequent writer and speaker on issues of eDiscovery, Knouff contributed to the feature article in the April 2011 edition of the American Bar Association Journal on cloud computing: "The Trouble with Terabytes." In addition, Knouff moderates Complete Discovery Source's webinar series addressing critical issues in electronic discovery, which the company launched in March 2011. Matthew Knouff will moderate a panel on emerging issues in electronic discovery at the 2011 Masters Conference, held from October 3-5 in Washington, D.C. The Masters Conference, begun in 2006, brings together experts and legal professionals from law firms, corporations, and the bench to discuss the most relevant topics in the field. Complete Discovery Source is a sponsor of the three-day conference, the theme of which is “Security, Privacy, and Compliance within Corporate Litigation.” Matthew Knouff will share his expertise on eDiscovery within this intimate forum of about 350 legal professionals.