Matthew Mako

Business Partner and Restaurant Design in San Francisco, California

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Born and raised in the lively Bay Area of California, Matthew Mako's fascination with the restaurant industry started early. His career commenced unassumingly in the kitchen of his cousin's local eatery when he was just 15. This piece provides a detailed account of his professional journey, educational background, charity work, personal hobbies, and present commitments, creating a comprehensive snapshot of a dedicated culinary professional.

Significant accomplishments from the get-go have characterized Matthew's culinary career. He was a pivotal contributor to the establishment of Benu, a revered three-Michelin-starred restaurant, demonstrating his commitment to culinary superiority early on. As he progressed, he took roles in San Francisco's renowned restaurants, such as Quince and Saison, further developing his skills and accumulating invaluable knowledge. In his capacity as Director of Hospitality at Saison, he played a pivotal role in the delivery of exceptional dining experiences.

Matthew shares a partnership at Anomaly, a promising gourmet restaurant in San Francisco. His robust expertise and enthusiasm for hospitality empower him to steer the team toward perfection in their culinary craft. At Anomaly, he is instrumental in crafting immersive and memorable dining experiences, shaping the restaurant's unique identity, and ensuring top-tier service for every guest.

Matthew's pursuit of professional enhancement is not confined to restaurants. He has explored varied fields of interest like tailoring, winemaking, and even a tenure with luxury home brand RH, enriching his skill set and comprehension of the elements that elevate a dining experience.