Matthew Mayer

Musician, Producer, and Founder in Omaha, Nebraska

Matthew Mayer

Musician, Producer, and Founder in Omaha, Nebraska

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I'm the Founder of, Producer of The Going Solo Podcast, Composer of 10 Solo Piano Albums at, and an Official GRAMMY® Voting Member of The Recording Academy.

I come from a town of 600 people, and continue to pursue my dream of playing the piano around the world.

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Acclaimed pianist Matthew Mayer is releasing his 10th piano album, ‘Art’ on Sept. 6, 2016. ‘Art,’ is a tranquil combination of unique contemporary piano variations on favorites like ‘Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star,’ and ‘Brahms’ Lullaby,’ along with original piano compositions representing the artist in us all. This bedtime piano collection creatively layers a nod to Mayer’s late piano teacher, Art Cooper, who understood the importance of an artist’s unique style and expression, and infused in Mayer the encouragement to do the same.

"Art would sit down on the piano, take a simple song, and transform it to something outside the pages," says Mayer. "Art taught me one of the most important things when it came to learning the instrument of piano, which was to play the notes on your soul, and not just the ones on the page."

Mayer’s music career is a true representation of grass roots, hard-working efforts since his first piano lesson at age 12 and self-publishing his first album "Crossing the Bridge" in 1999 at 20 years old.

A pioneering supporter of the piano world, Mayer is also the Owner and Founder of, an internationally renowned site and radio station, with over 300 piano artists from around the world joining. Mayer has also interviewed notables like GRAMMY® Award Winning Artist Laura Sullivan, and GRAMMY® Nominated David Lanz. In 2016, Mayer released his self-produced podcast, ‘Going Solo,’ available on iTunes.

Mayer has performed in solo concerts around the nation, as well as sharing performances with Steinway Piano Artist Louis Landon, Award Winning Artist Robby Davis, as well as recently touring California with Elijah Bossenbroek . Mayer will also be joining John Burke on Sept 17 in Atlanta, Georgia. In Mayer’s Solo Piano Performance at Pittsburg State University earlier this year, The Collegio had this to say:

“ Mayer was able to connect with the audience in attendance because he was a kid from a small town who chased and achieved his dreams through hard work and perseverance. His performance held at the Bicknell Center for Performing Arts could be summed up assimply inspirational.”

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