matthew p. rojas


Matthew Rojas has always felt that he could do his ministry through the art of filmmaking.

From watching films as a little kid to filming short features as an adult. Matthew has always had a passion for film and art.

In 2008, Matthew Rojas enrolled at The Art Institute of Dallas to pursue his calling for digital filmmaking & video production. Since then he has accomplished several award-winning short films that were entered into film festivals such as Docufest, Horrorfest, and the 168 project.

Matthew has graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in March 2012. After graduation, he has already worked with clients such as Under Armour®, Shutterfly®, The Music Bed, WELD, Think Stripes and plans on continuing his freelance work, with companies like YouPlus Media,, Steamboat Christian Center and Fellowship Bible Church.

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    • Bachelor of Fine Arts