Matthew Schenk

Professor, Higher Education, and Administration in Phoenix, AZ

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Matthew Schenk is an educator and administrator living in both Phoenix, AZ and Zhengzhou, China. He is a huge fan of technology, outdoors, and coffee. He’s also interested in fitness and politics. Dr. Schenk has traveled to the United States, China, South Africa, Mexico, and Canada. He is planning trips this year to the UK, Australia, and Iceland.

Most of Matthew Schenk’s time is spent reading, writing, learning, or talking with friends and colleagues. Matthew Schenk is always interested in having a conversation about higher education, China, or great books.

Some of my favorite books that Schenk has read recently include:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

Love Does by Bob Goff

Matthew Schenk enjoys jogging, but rarely runs more than a few miles at a time. If you’re in the area, join Schenk for a quick job while discussing a current book and you’ll have a friend for life.

In 2016, Schenk earned his doctorate from Arizona State University in Education Policy and Administration. His research focused on helping teachers through authentic and meaningful professional development. During this time, Matthew Schenk was writing policy to increase inclusiveness in public schools.

Prior to working in higher education, Matthew Schenk led language immersion schools in the Phoenix area. Students in Dr. Schenk’s schools were learning a second language through a language immersion experience. Dr. Schenk as led seminars and workshops around the world on the following topics: teaching in a dual language immersion classroom, leading a dual language immersion school, executive time management strategies, personalized learning, and staff professional development.

Matthew Schenk believes that all students can learn (adults and kids) and everyone should have a hero in their life that inspires them. Schenk’s heroes include Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, and Bob Goff. Dr. Schenk’s passion is training and leading others so they can be a lifelong hero to the students in their life.

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    • Northern Arizona University
    • Grand Canyon University
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