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Actor, Musician, and Dancer in Нью-Йорк, Соединенные Штаты Америки

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Some people are just born with a good sense of direction. You can leave them somewhere but they can go back to home. Just like cats and dogs I say. These people are naturally good in finding direction but not by smelling. They simply know how look and read a map or if they are better, they might be the few people who could remember streets and corners that they pass. They also have this kind of photographic memory where a person will know if he has been on a place. Lucky for them they will never experience getting lost. Unfortunately, I am the entire opposite of these people.

I have no sense of direction and if you leave me alone in a place, I would never walk or look for you because I know that I will get lost. That happened to me a lot of time so I am not making it up. I just do not know where to turn right or left Actually I am still getting confused with my left and my right.

When I was new in Indonesia, I do not go out of our house without someone. However I have to go away and live in my college dormitory, I had to find my own way at everything. So I bought a map to help me but it turned out that I can not read map very well. I still get lost even inside my school campus. This even result to late attendance in my classes.

One time I failed to submit my custom research papers because I was lost. Without the help of a guard, I am sure that I will not even find my dorm room.

Some people find this funny, but for me it is like curse. Something I do not want, but I can not do anything about it. Even if I try my best, it is still not good enough. I am planning to buy my own GPS or something. At least with that the probability that I might be lost might lessen.