Matthew Yonally

Professional in Santa Barbara, California

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Matthew Yonally is compelled by the idea of a life well lived.

As a senior professional and 33-year Wall Street veteran, Matthew Yonally has been trained as an economist and understands the global reach of his work. Being an avid traveler who has visited more than 40 countries, he has been deeply impacted by the cultural differences he has experienced, especially in regards to how social and economic issues are framed and resolved. As Saint Augustine reportedly once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read the first page.” Matthew Yonally is an involved person no matter where his journeys lead him, and he spends much of his time volunteering and advocating for non-profits, believing that there are many stories of great work and strife that need to be told.

When he is not devoting his time to travel or goodwill, he may be found playing polo, taking photographs, skiing, or making olive oil in the groves that overlook the Pacific ocean at the home he shares with his wife and son in Santa Barbara, California. His family owns the Del Padre Olive Company nestled in the foothills of Santa Barbara. Matthew Yonally and his team have been making olive oil for years, researching the best production techniques in worldwide olive markets so that they improve their own procedures and research.