Mattia Campagnano

hacking in Akron, Ohio

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Welcome to my personal landing page! Here you'll find a brief summary of my professional background.

I recently earned a CompTIA Security+ certification and became a US citizen, so now I have a dual citizenship (Italy and US).

Over 2017, I also earned two Associate's Degrees with distinction from Stark State College:

-Cyber Security & Computer Forensics Technology (January 2017).

-Computer Network Administration & Security Technology, UNIX/Linux Database Administration major (May 2017).

I'm seamlessly learning and I love facing new challenges.

As of now, I'm planning on taking on OSCP certification (Offensive Security Certified Professional) over the next months.

I want to build a career in Information Security, initially as an analyst/blue teamer, but ultimately as a professional pentester/white hat hacker/red teamer/security or malware researcher, after 12 years as Desktop Support/Sysadmin. I'm totally uninterested in any other career paths, as this is what I earned two degrees for and I'm on a mission to make computer systems more secure.


-IT Security Associate with Kimmell Cybersecurity & Forensic Services (Jan 2018-present)

-Freelance Italian/English language pair translator with numerous translation companies (2014 -present).

-Information Security Analyst with Binary Defense Systems, Inc. (April 2015 -January 2016)

- Student/Worker Desktop Support with Stark State College (June 2014 - November 2014):

-Help Desk Analyst with Diebold, Inc. (Nov. 2012 - July 2013).

-Desktop Support with Italian government agency for foreign trade (2000- 2012).

For more information, check out my resume or email me.

  • Education
    • Associate's Degree
    • Cyber Security & Computer Forensics Technology
    • Network Security Technology
    • Linux Database Administration
    • dual major