Mattie Stevens

Life Coach and Senior Academic Advisor in Lawrence, Kansas

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I believe in making the most of every moment, because they go by so quickly.

I am the first in my family to finish high school, as well as do a number of other things, so I believe in maximization. I take nothing for granted and embrace all that life has to offer. This is my first time in Kansas, and it has been lovely. I have visited almost every state in the U.S. The Grand Canyon is amazing, the green mountains of Vermont are beautiful and the Nevada desert is sublime, but my favorite places to visit are in France, Austria and Australia.

I enjoy working with students at all stages of their educational journey, and supporting them in their process of creating a path to their goals. I'm a senior academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center (Summerfield Hall, room 315). I work with students deciding on majors and pre-professional students (Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Pre-Nursing and others). I help them see their path more clearly through individual advising, events, workshops and activities. I advise the Pre-Law organization on campus, Phi Alpha Delta. I also coordinate activities and collaborate with individuals and offices across campus to ensure that students get the information and support that they need. If you have questions or concerns about Pre-Law, your major or would just like to chat, drop by or send me an email.

  • Education
    • Cornell Law School
    • Stanford University
    • Macalester College
    • La Trobe University