Matt Ives

Learning Technology Coach in Suzhou, China

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Currently: Elementary Learning Technology Coach at Suzhou Singapore International School, China. Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) student.

Previously: Year 3 – 6 teacher, and Head of IT at Amesbury School, Wellington, New Zealand

Teaching runs in my family, on both sides, back four generations. It’s in my blood. I believe that teaching and learning must meet the needs of students now, and be future-focused in preparation for an ever-changing world. I believe educators need to be agile thinkers, deep learners and flexible practitioners able to work innovatively and creatively. I believe learning needs to be infused with digital technology - not because it is shiny and new, but because technology can truly enhance learning. I believe every student needs a supportive, deeply knowledgeable teacher who cares, challenges, and has high expectations. I believe in an education which activates critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and joy. I believe in an education which is student centered, develops student agency, and connects students with the wider world.

Design Thinking | Games-based Learning | Digital Citizenship | Spaces for Learning | Digital Literature | Genius Hour | Student Blogging | Coding | Lego | MinecraftEDU | Movie Making | Visual Literacy | Apple | Google | Sound & lighting | Evernote | iPads

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