Matt Kopala

El Cerrito, California

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Went to school at the Univeristy of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. I've lived in Austin, TX and several spots in the SF Bay area in California.


I've traveled to 40 countries. I was an exchange student in Germany for 3 weeks. I've toured Europe. I lived with a family in Japan. I spent 3.5 years backpacking around the world: South America; Australia & New Zealand; Southeast, South, and Northeast Asia. Three weeks in Mexico by bus, train, and hitchhiking.


I've worked in semiconductors, freelance consulting, web design, and a cognitive science research lab. My experience covers hardware design, software, systems, and network engineering, web design & technology, Agile project management, and a whole lot more.


I have a passion for technical excellence, an ability to assimilate large amounts of information quickly, an amazing attention to detail, a talent for analyzing & simplifiying complex systems, a semi-eidetic memory, and a strong desire to interact and work with other amazing people.


The background is a photo taken during my travels in Papua New Guinea.

More photos are available on my website and on Facebook, including 600 from my recent trip to Namibia.