Matt Lowery

Editor in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Here’s What I’m like:

-ISFP: Highly introverted- I do best when I hunker down and focus on one project

-DISC Profile=SC (at the end of the scale). I am most creative in an atmosphere of stability and structure. Paradoxically, I take the most risk when I feel rooted and secure.


-Storyteller at heart

Here’s what I am doing with my time these days, in order of energy given:

-Fathering a new baby. Being a good husband.

-Working full-time at VI Marketing and Branding. I get to manage and work with a staff of incredibly talented filmmakers.

-Sharpening my skill set as a still-photographer, with a focus on portraits, lifestyle, and product photography (email me if you have a fun idea that will give me an opportunity to grow).

-Building new relationships in the Oklahoma filmmaking community. Feel free to reach out if you work in this space.

-The sport of rock climbing (we have two great gyms in the Metro OKC area). I suck, but it’s a lot of fun.

-Playing music less than I have in the past. When songs come, I jot them down. But I am not devoting large portions of time to songwriting or recording.

-Growing a small back-yard garden, more for fun than for food.

  • Work
    • VI Marketing and Branding
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Central Oklahoma