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Reducing the Risk of SIDS With a Mattress

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome takes the lives of countless children each year. While these deaths are often unexpected and their causes are unknown, there are some things parents can do to help avoid it happening. Choosing the right mattress is one way to help, as the risk for SIDS can be reduced with an appropriate mattress meant for a child.

Choose an Extra Firm Mattress

The top infant mattresses are not determined by brand, but rather by firmness. No matter who the manufacturer is, a mattress that is firmer than the average adult mattress is best. This is because a mattress that is too soft is a safety hazard for a child. They need something firm that will keep them lifted, rather than something soft they will sink into and make it hard for them to breathe. A soft mattress increases the risk for SIDS to occur, while a firm one reduces the chances.

Only Organic Options

Organic mattresses are quickly becoming popular, thanks to their high quality and toxic-free materials. Typical mattresses contain flame retardant materials, such as vinyl and foam, each of which can emit toxic gases. Breathing this in can prove damaging to an infant's lungs, further increasing the risk for SIDS. An organic option ensures these toxins are not being breathed in, and mattress experts the baby can sleep soundly and safely.

Avoid Secondhand Mattresses

Secondhand mattresses should never be used for a baby. Parents may need to save money, but it should never come at the expense of their child's safety. Even with the best cleaning procedures done, bodily fluids from the previous child may still contaminate the mattress, allowing bacteria to grow. The exposure to this bacteria is one way for SIDS to occur. When considering the best beds for babies, a secondhand option should never be considered, even if it comes from a family member.

Find the Right Fit

While most infant mattresses work for any crib, there are some that are made slightly smaller in size, or a little too large. The crib's space needs to be measured correctly so the right size mattress can be placed within it. No more than fingers