Matt White


Matt White


“I create the bridge between logic and magic; strategy and design with scientific and human behavioural insights.”

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Matt White is referred to as a global authority on applied Neuroscience for Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Engagement and Agility. He tutors and coaches on what motivates it, discourages it, and how leaders can connect now. As an International Executive Meta Coach using a process that involves meaningful conversation, brain chemistry and frameworks, he merges creativity with the science of identity, assisting clients to solve business-brand challenges.

How do you connect, lead and add value in an absurdly competitive market where key talent and scarce resources are hard to secure? How can your people create a culture of innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, engagement and agility and discover the new purpose that will grow your enterprise?

The Author of "The Business of Integrity" has the answers.

“I believe that individuals enable teams which bring about strategy that unlock engagement and innovation; ultimately leading to achievement, actualisation and fulfilment."

As a Strategic, Brand, Marketing and Communications Expert Matt facilitates clarity in business-brand challenges. With a comprehensive creative background, Matt brings a wealth of skills and attributes that ensure the delivery of solutions whilst creating best practice.

His work is influenced by the principles of neuroplasticity, psychology, branding and coaching.

Professionally Matt has studied as the University of Pretoria, is accredited with the International Institute for Advertising, Brand and Marketing, holds a post-graduate diploma with UNISA in Performance and Business Coaching, is a Associate Certified Meta Coach with the International Neuro Semantics Institute and is qualified in the field Psyco-Neuro-Immunology.

"As a master I craft solutions and flourish in complex spaces; creating value by designing brand and business strategies that unlock engagement and innovation in business; moving the model toward a customer centric experience".

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