Matt Whitteker

Entrepreneur in Canada

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How to get ready for the business world at the age of 11? Become a little league umpire and receive 100's of beratings from angry mothers, disgruntled coaches, and crazy kids....Since those days Matt has gone on to be co-founder of Assent Compliance (220M raised, 550 employees), (500 000+ users) co-found the most publicized charity boxing event in world history, opened a 5000 square foot boxing gym and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. This was accomplished by age 27. Matt is still part of the senior leadership team at Assent Compliance and CEO at Aside from business Matt has 17 amateur boxing matches to his credit, has ran a full marathon (3:53), half marathon (1:33) and 10k (0:40) races (in that order) has guest lectured at the Queens University MBA program, Carleton University, Ottawa University, is the youngest Top 40 Under 40 winner is his city's history and has been featured in Fortune Magazine and over 100 other media publications. Get in touch anytime through LinkedIn.