Free Boxing Session at Final Round

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We're currently offering a Free Boxing Training Session at Final Round Ottawa. During this workout:

- You'll learn the very basics (so beginners encourgaged)

- Get to check out the gym

- Get in a great workout

- See if you enjoy boxing.

You'll have your own coach and fun is guaranteed. You're welcome to come in a small group if you want to bring a friend or two as well.

There is no pressure to join after this session. It's just for fun and to give boxing a try. There are also no contact drills just fitness training. You can book your session, or ask any questions by phone or email anytime. Hope to see you at the gym :)

Matt. My Bio:

Phone: 613-889-4333


About FRB: The majority of Final Round members train for fitness only. There is a competitive program as well for those interested. The gym has a full olympic size ring, heavy bags, speed backs, weights, medicine balls, skipping area, change rooms. Final Round has been rated the best boxing gym in Ottawa and the training center of choice for the nation team in Ottawa.


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