A Pile of Hay

My writing is finding a golden needle in a stack of the finest hay. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different pieces of hay that may look exactly like your needle; however some of these pieces of hay may be longer or shorter than your needle. Some may be thicker and some may be thinner. From far away, all the hay, and the needle all look identical. However, when you get up close and in depth to the pile you notice that each piece of hay is unique.You also notice that there are thousands of places that the needle can be hiding, however you know that it is only in one place, as with my writing there are thousands of different ways for me to type one assignment, but only one way works. Now in comes my job, as the writer, to find out where that needle is hiding, and what to do with that needle once I find it; because even though it may take many hours to find that needle, I will find it. And when I find that needle, I must take it and make it tell a story.

Background image by Ropmann