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Art has always been a passion of mine and now as an adult I have found a way to express that passion (and make a living) through web sites, and photography. I grew up a military kid, moving from city to city, and country to country. I believe this plays a role in my everyday life, and work. Adjusting to change is something I have always had to do, and it is not any different with my work. The web is an ever-expanding realm of change and information.

The way it is displayed to end-user is always changing as well. Right out of high school I began my path into the design field. Starting out on a production crew at a sign shop, I learned the process of installing vinyl graphics on to signs, and vehicles. After a while I needed change … this is where it begun … I soon started utilizing my spare moments and breaks at work to watch the art department prepare graphics for signs. I said to my self “This is what I want to do”. Shortly after I had asked my manager if I could try designing a sign for one of the clients.

She allowed me to do so, and well, needless to say, I was the newest member in the art department. At 19 I was leading a team of 3 designers, and managing the production crew. I took charge and learned everything I could about the design process, but I didn’t I guess I was paying just as much attention to the business process as well. At 22, after my first son was born, I moved to California and started my own shop. I did this for about 3 years, during that time my other 2 sons were born, and I realized I need to do something that didn’t need as much overhead and time commitment. This is when I started getting into web design, and taught myself everything there was to know about html, css, JavaScript and web servers. My garage began to flood with old computers, that I would convert into mini servers running Linux.

About 6 months in, I was ready to give up the sign business and start my freelance career. Over the years I have been heavily involved in the User Experience / User Interface field. Front end development was where I felt comfortable.

After all … I got to turn my design into fully functional web sites, and see how people interacted with them. I found myself working with some of the major internet marketers on the internet, and learning that there is more behind people buying online, and why people want to use or even visit your site. So I dug deeper into Human Interaction, and the Psychology of Sales. I want ever

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