Matt Sutherland

I am a lot like any other guy living in northern Utah, but nevertheless, I am different. I would much rather read a book about business than watch a TV show, but if I do watch TV it is probably Fox News or CNN. I like yellow Skittles more than red ones, and although I love music, I think it can be a big time waster.

Throughout a given day, I am usually fantasizing about how I can become the market leader on some business idea I have. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but right now I am more of a wannabe. I am constantly thinking of start-up ideas; I just have not made a fortune off any of them yet.

I have this need to always be doing something productive. I think I gained that from my mission in Guatemala (which meant the world to me). I love Guatemala and the people there. I think about them everyday.

I love Jesus Christ and I am deeply grateful for what He did for me. Those of my family are my best friends. I’m glad I will always be with them.