Matty Li

"The best thing about graphic design is the opportunity it gives me to express and explore my own ideas. There are no restrictions on my imagination, it’s a topic that allows me the freedom to experiment and grow as a designer, with each experience I have giving me a better understanding of visual communication and the design process.

I am currently studying at Camberwell College of Arts Final year, I found the course to be exceptional both academically and socially. It was great being able to bounce ideas off friends and teachers to achieve a polished final product.

In my own work, I am mostly inspired by the Swiss style, for its simplicity, minimalism and heavy use of typography; it is graphic design in its essence, as a way to efficiently convey a message without being superfluous. Typography is a field that I have the chance to explore in details due to an enthusiast teacher, and it is a complementary skill that I would like to specialize in after graduation. I believe it is one of the core points of visual communication and it inspires my meticulous aspect.

Studying Graphic Design at university have developed my skills, a more individual style of illustrating and designing, and also help to build a strong, individual portfolio leading to a successful career.