Matty Paradise

New York, New York

Bred in the 1990’s in an area dubbed “uptown” to many native New Yorkers, Matthew Bacon, known as Matty Paradise, is the son of a Puerto Rican woman and an Irish and English man. Off the bat, the unorthodox mixture of ethnicities separates Matthew from many people he meets.

Growing up with parents who instilled the importance of family, Matthew is strongly rooted with love for his family of four. His father, born and raised in the Bronx as well, is a man who loves sports and is known by his friends as an incredibly hard worker. In addition, his father loved to listen to all type of musical genres, subconsciously affecting Matthew. His uncle George Tabb, also known by his stage name of Furious George, was actively playing in the first stages of Punk Rock with the likes of the Ramones and had a very close relationship throughout his musical career.

Paradise quickly became involved with music himself, picking up the keys and songwriting. With "Keys To Paradise" on the way, he is sure to please on his first attempt to the public eye on delivering what he is calling a free album.

  • Work
    • Recording Artist
  • Education
    • St. John's University