Matty Sheets

North Carolina

I'm a musican and a songwriter. My band is Matty Sheets and The Blockheads, and I play standard guitar and sing words. The band consists of: Jess Lil P Pennell on accordion, melodica, and vocals. Emily Stewart on banjo, banjolele and vocals. Jerrod Smith on percussion and vocals. Jon Bohlen on bass and vocals. Erin Hayes on flute and vocals. Stefan DiMuzio on keyboards and vocals.

I have played open G slide guitar in the band called Come Hell or High Water since 2005.

I play drums and guitar in The Slowdrivers, a two piece band with Jess Lil P Pennell.

I have composed multiple soundtracks for short films and promo spots for the illustrious Monkeywhale Productions.

My music production/booking/composing with Wayne Reich handle is There Is No Creature Music.

I recently started a solo project called Blue Light Yellow, in which I play kick drum and hi-hat with my feet while playing open C electric guitar and singing words.