Mat von Ehrenkrook

Wilsonville, Oregon

I was born in California. I love the sun, oceans, and palm trees. When I was seven, I moved to Arizona. Our family moved to Washington as I entered the sixth grade. I lived there until college years when I moved to Oregon and then to California.

My father was a pastor since I can remember. He was a children’s pastor only until recently. This means that he knows all about kids and child development. This also meant that I didn’t get away with much (but not for a lack of trying). My parents are still together, pastoring a church in Washington and still living in the first house we moved into after we moved up from Arizona.

I married the most wonderful woman named Liz. She makes me want to be a better person and challenges the areas of complacency in my life. She is my partner in crime for all time, and I love her a bunch. If God holds one thing against me on my day of judgement, it will be that I loved my wife too much.

I’ve held many crazy jobs in my life from berry picking to working in a circus, radio, TV, weddings, sales man and more. I have degrees from many different schools that really mean nothing to me and are not even worth posting here. (I think academia is silly. How much you know isn’t determined by how many courses you’ve completed or classes you’ve taken, it’s determined by how much it changes you and the impact that it leaves on the history of humanity). I currently serve as the Youth Director of a little church called Grace Chapel in a small city in Oregon.

I’ve hung out with movie stars and homeless people. I’ve shared meals with rockstars and prisoners. I’ve been stupid rich and dirt poor. I’ve been all over this world (I have yet to visit Africa or Antarctica) and the one thing that I can say for certain, is that people need Jesus. I know that sounds cliche, but I’m serious. People need the real life changing power that comes through the acceptance of Jesus as their savior. We were created incomplete, and this world is constantly trying to complete itself. That will never be so until Jesus returns. He is the master key, the final puzzle piece, the cornerstone, the answer; everything else is just a place holder.

  • Work
    • Youth Director at Grace Chapel
  • Education
    • Puyallup High School
    • Ecola Bible School
    • Pierce Community College
    • University of Washington
    • Joe Kubert School of Art