Matzumi Music

Germany, Niedersachsen

Matzumi: this is monumental symphonic-electronic music that is accompanied by her distinctive singing voice. She performed for the first time in 2009 in the public and began her career as a solo project with the EP "Cryin` Soul "and the short subsequent debut album" Sometimes ", which was released on her at that time the label CandyRush music. Since much has happened. First, it found its way into the electronic music scene, went there soon a name and won the 2011 Schallwelle Award for Best Newcomer of the Year 2010. During all the years that followed, she always was one of the nominees in the Schallwelle-Award of the categories "Best Album" and "Best Artist". In 2010 she then released her next work: the "Ad Infinitum", 2011 was followed by the "In Mutatio Tempora", which received very good reviews as well. In 2012, the community album "From distant times", which they had produced together with the danish electronic musician Nattefrost followed, in 2013, another joint project with Emilsam Velazquez - the "Bravura Apasionada" and then appeared in 2014 its largest and most important work: the "Symphony of silence and humility," where she worked for 2 years. The "Bravura Apasionada" was parallel to the production of the "Symphony". Affectionately known as the "High Priestess of the synthesizer" or "Monumental Artist" by her fans, she does become a worldwide name. It was followed by numerous interviews, album reviews, and even the Lower Saxon newspaper "Die Harke" reported in November 2013 about her and her music. In 2012 she was commissioned by the Australian label "Wolf Entertainment" under contract. Thanks "Wolf Entertainment" and her then-manager Udo Langner they could win 3 guest musicians for their Symphony project. The label boss himself: Hellmut Wolf (flute), the German guitarist Frank Steffen Müller and Sean O `Bryan Smith (bass). Emilsam Velazquez, who produced already for the likes of Vangelis and Tomita, took the position, Matzumi explained to his protege and took over the mastering of "Bravura Apasionada" and also the "Symphony of silence and humility" - which by the press as "Matzumis masterpiece "is described. Each of their albums was a step forward, she developed her skills as a self-taught continuously on. But what may follow after the Symphony? Matzumis big dream to work one day with a real symphony orchestra.

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