Maud Taylor Morris

Activist and Mother in Sun Valley, Idaho

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What’s up, I’m Maud Taylor Morris. I’m an Activist living in Sun Valley and San Francisco. I'm the mother of three awesome kids, Thibault, Charlotte and Shelby, all under 13. We have been victims of severe crimes, consequently we have been estranged for over three years. I was the primary caregiver with all kids thriving. I am vigilant in correcting this, by raising awareness to domestic abuse, parent alienation, Connecticut court rackateering and most important child abuse. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, causes, and innovation. I’m also interested in yoga and hiking, fanatic camper, former racquet athlete. You can back my campaign with a click on the button above. Thanks for reading and hope we can provide solutions so what has happened to my kids and me never happens to another human. I am very optimistic about lots and excited to turn this to a positive.