Maudy Lidya

strategist, Consultant, and Project Manager in Jakarta, Indonesia

Born and raised in an art culture family made me an illustrator since I was in school. My interest in pop culture, human interests and technology developed me into design communication branding and the marketing system itself.

Starting from formal background education as an advertising communication student leads me to creative marketing and advertising industry.

Almost 10 years background in the industry has equipped me with eminent communication strategy as well as creative execution. I had experiences in handling publication and promotion for branding and campaigns.

I'm writing blogs and trying to cook some recipes I've found on the internet on my spare time. Rock climbing and wakeboarding would be my best options for monthly (in regular basis kind of) exercise.

Been starting to learn Korean after French, Spanish and (definitely) English. And, I'm keen to learn more languages to keep the sanity put to good uses.