Maui Speaks

Peoria, Arizona, United States

I am a happy go lucky girl of Yorkie decent. I live with my Mom, Emerald (my older feline sister), and my human Mom and Dad. My Dad lives with my human parents granddaughter. I have a twin brother who moved two years ago to Missouri with his human Mom. My Mom had babies on May 10th 2012 so I now have another brother (Phoenix) and sister Mia who lives with her H. Mom in Scottsdale.
I am named Maui which means fire or life. My human parents named me and my brother (Bear) after my other brother known as "little boy" passed a few days after his birth. I just had my first date on July 19th, 2013. His name is Charlie and he is really cute.

  • Work
    • Top Dog, Model
  • Education
    • Homeschooled