Maulana Rizki Aditama

I am passionate about writing,research, observer, social discuss, speaking, social empowerment, youth empowerment and community development.I like to speak so much and share with other people. I also like the political and social problems that exist in my country . from some of these problem, I move with Indonesian youth forum.

I like working passionately involving youth empowerment ,community development and make networking. I try to be changemaker in some aspects and cultivate youth nationalism and i like to make friendship to be partner and mutually contribute to creating world peace.I like do something for people around me.Learning opportunities to develop the knowledge, skill and understanding is needed to create a more just and peaceful world.I love to make network, work in volunteering activities,research from problems and make movements in raising awarenes Sometimes, I talk about my experiences, primarily the ones related to youth empowerment and the journey to make my dreams real.

Now, I am studying in Gadjah Mada University , majoring in Physics Sciences . For collaboration and partnership opportunities

Best Regards