Mauricio Junior

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Chef in Brazil

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I am a brazilian geek, born in 90s, passionate for many cool stuff, such as , technology, Astronomy, Physics and most of all, coding.

I lived all my life in Brazil, south region, and studied at public school till I get to college. It was 2010 year when I finally got to the college trough a scholarship, which led me being graduted by Universidade do Vale do Itajaí (UNIVALI), on the course here known as Internet Systems Development. Before the graduation and since than, I never really stoped studing. Because as we all know it's strongly required for being a true geek.

These are the most remarkable technologies I've been working with:

Back-end: Python/Django and Django-CMS | MySQL | PostgreSQL | Nginx | Apache | Varnish | uwsgi

Front-end: Javascript | jQuery | CSS3 | HTML5


Experience in:

Web development with Python / Django / Django CMS.

Object-oriented programming.

Web interface with, HTML, CSS, Javascript (DOM, jQuery), JSTL.

Software engeneering under UML patterns.

MySQL and PostgreSQL

Knowledge in (only personal projects for learning):

Web development with Java, PHP, NodeJs and SocketIO.

Event-oriented Programing with Javascript / NodeJs (Only personal projects for learning).

MVC, DAO, Singleton, Factory, Inversion of Control,Dependency Injection, Decorator, Command e Chain of responsibility.

Currently studing:

Hybernate, Spring, Design Patterns, SCRUM e AGILE, Vertical Rhythm, Compass and Susy.

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