Maura Calabrese

I was born in southern Italy (Bari) but then I was "adopted" by Venice. I was fascinated since childhood by the cultures “distant” from mine and I decided to study the Japanese language and culture. I lived in Japan and after came back to Italy I understood that I wanted to have a broader look on the world. I changed my studies and I started to study Tourism Sciences. Last summer I went to work in the United States and that changed my life.

I am a sum of insecurities and travels, the people I met and I had to leave behind, fragments of memories and anxiety which leads me to dig into reality, to not ever settle.

I’m fond of web marketing and the digital world of storytelling and dreams.

I am looking for a place in this world.

In the meantime, I WRITE. I opened the “Radici di mandorle” website (“Roots of almonds”) to share snippets of my travels, to entertain, to make people dream. Even if a bit.