Maura Annette Chappelle

Jefferson, New Hampshire

What's a personal concierge? Well, as a personal concierge my goal is to make your life easier by doing whatever you don't have the time, stomach, inclination, patience, energy, or hands enough to do for yourself.

As a single mother I got into house cleaning, pet care and odd jobs almost 15 years ago so I could have a flexible job while raising my son.

It has since morphed into serving clients in all their needs so their lives will be less stressful.

My vision statement is this: I will do anything that is not immoral or illegal.

Food &Beverage serving at home parties, Driving long distance, Packing/Unpacking for moves, Decluttering/Hoard purging, Clearing out sheds/basements/attics/storage units, Planning & Manning yard sales, Photograph scanning, Document shredding, Shopping/shipping, Child care, Planning and running children's parties --

-- if you can think it up, I will do it!

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