Maura O'Connor

After graduating from Fairfield University in 2004, I have continued to uphold the Jesuit Motto of "Men and Women for others." I worked as a research assistant at Brigham Women's Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Annaswamy Raji. She taught me a myriad of life skills based on her own experiences. These include a desire to defy the odds, will power, and giving back to the community. While under her guidance, my interests for the underlying mechanisms for the brain were fostered through research. It was then, that I began my relationship with the desire to become a school psychologist.

At Northeastern University, I was exposed to a variety of models and experiences which have helped me to become a well versed clinician with expertise in urban environments. Academically and professionally, I am intrigued with the neuropsychology of the brain, and the biological basis for learning. Outside of this, I enjoy the beach and sailing. In addition, I enjoy the fine arts, as well as challenging myself with endurance sports, including running and the multi-disciplinary sport of rowing.