Maureen Masters

Wichita, Kansas

I have worked in publications, content creation, website architecture, marketing and brand recognition/building. I am a thorough researcher, persuasive instigator and reasonable risk-taker. I am considerably more creative than I am mathematical and I have a sweet little skill set in finding solutions. I avoid excuses and negative people and i have discovered very few things that I cannot do. I can fix anything with duct tape, bailing wire and Photoshop. I drive traffic, generate hits and have a writing style that easily vacillates from professional to culturally current.and conversational.
I've cleaned stables, raised babies, opened for Maria Muldaur and pulled rabbits out of my hat. I have built and sold digital commodities and know enough about general aviation, epicurean delights, art and music to be dangerous.
I'm good with software, hardware, system set-ups, minimal code, metrics and insight breakdown. I live and work (telecommute) in the Midwest and have a formidable list of referrals if it should come to that.

In my spare time I am a super-hero, a nemesis, a tight-rope walker and an editor. I still carry a pica pole.

  • Work
    • O'mercy!
  • Education
    • Just enough to be dangerous, then a little more for good measure.