Maureen Monte

Berkley, Michigan

Strengths SME, LEADER, IDEA MACHINE. Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with a global client base

Strengths: Ideation, Strategic, Achiever, Learner, Individualization, & Maximizer

I reveal the AWESOMENESS of individuals and teams and help them leverage it to build their value proposition. We race toward dreams and destiny, with clarity and confidence, and bring that energy to drive success. Mergers. Startups. State Championships. This is where I play.

I build great relationships with clients and provide maximized solutions to problems.

My vision is a world where everyone courageously searches their heart, pursues their dreams with excellence, honor, and self-respect, inspiring others along the way.

My mission is to reveal and honor the strengths of everyone I meet and to be a partner on their leadership

  • Work
    • IBM
  • Education
    • MS in Leadership & Business Ethics and Mechanical Engineering