Maureen Muturi

I always knew somehow that I'd impact people in a certain way,what I didn't know was how,when or the specifics of how I'd achieve that. Well turns out that my circumstances didn't need any help from me making an impact, they got it all figured out;they speak for themselves. And it really isn't a bad thing. I've learned a lot from the process, I see almost everything as a sign or as a revelation because somehow I always know that there's nothing as randomness, or coincidences,that everything happens for a reason. However the experience, I wouldn't do it any different given the chance. It's made me into who I am today. My skills have been sharpened and heightened my response to circumstances in a way I wouldn't have by my own. So this is a story of someone who wishes that through her circumstances, the birth of a new hope shall be bred,and in comes a new understanding, not learned any other way but by the refinery into fine gold and through the Potter's hands.