Maureen Llewellyn

Strategy Execution in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Photo: I took this photo at Oxtonge River - Ragged Falls, Ontario.

UPDATE: I am currently in 'career transition'. Targeted insurance industry roles:

- Business / IT / Supplier Relationship Management

-Leading strategic initiatives (Building capability, implementing risk controls, improving cycle time, process improvement, embedding GRC)

In business, I'm the 'intra-preneur', the change agent, the relationship builder. But mostly, I'm the gal who brings an abstract vision to life - making it operationally real and sustainable.

I successfully lead all that 'soft stuff' necessary for organisational change: strategy execution, communications, governance, operational risk, process, organisational design.

I love what I do. The passion fuels my enthusiasm and the rest just seamlessly falls into place.

Professionally -Who am I?

- I network & build bridges internally and with vendor partners

- I'm curious. I ask questions.

- Recognized as ‘the gal who gets things done’ – analytical, collaborative and engaging.

- Integrity. Respect. Just doing the right thing.

- What drives me? Making a difference!

Probably my greatest treasures are the countless people from around the globe who have touched my life over the years, sharing their wisdom, culture and friendships, allowing me to build a human connection.


I will explore all that is possible with grace and passion...and always a bit of laughter.

...champion the 21st Century Sustainable Home
...find that perfect writer's 'cabin the woods'
…sample the best Crème Brule and Buttertarts -wherever!
...write that blog I keep talking about
...explore my Celtic roots

Connect. Engage. Collaborate. Great things do happen!

  • Work
    • Organizational Change, Transformation
  • Education
    • PMI
    • ITIL V2, V3
    • Leadership Development