Maureen Saturne

New York, Ny

Hailing from a small town in New Jersey, and the child of Haitian parents, I never knew of what fortune the world was to hold for me. I remember my first experience in fashion when making clothes for my dolls would be quickly become a favorite pastime. And, thus, my passion for fashion was born.

After completing my bachelor's in Philadelphia, I quickly chased my dreamsto New York City, where I hoped to be able to combine the knowledge and styles gained from my experiences in both school and abroad. Starting as an assistant designer, I accepted my role as one of support, but knew it was a role I would soon grow out of. to technical designer, where I was exposed to the cut-throat technical underside of fashion, coming to appreciate that there is a science to the art.

With her dues paid in the technical fashion circle, Farai was able to break into the forefront and was hired as a designer for a major denim company. Seeing her designs worn by the masses on the streets of New York only further galvanized her drive to bring her vision to the public through her own line.

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