Maureen Keating

Product Management, Product Marketing, and Content Strategy in San Francisco, California

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My career in both Product Management and Product Marketing has advanced steadily and surely upward from my early position as a Senior Product Manager with Apple to my most recent position as a Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to my dual roles in product management and product marketing management, I’ve developed an unusually strong and diverse set of skills in areas such as product development, mobile devices and applications, cloud computing, agile methodologies, start-ups, product marketing, and competitive analysis.

In addition to my extensive cross-functional team management abilities, I’m able to develop financial models, conduct design thinking exercises, as well as understand and design complex technical systems. I can drop into a new industry easily, see the market factors at work, the culture of the company, and adapt accordingly.

My career objective at present is to continue to advance in my field toward a position as a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Product Officer, or Director/Vice President of Product Marketing in industries such as digital imaging, design, film technology, or music technology. I’m open to relocation and because I’m fluent in Spanish, would love to interview for positions in San Juan, PR or Barcelona, Spain. Here in the U.S., Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, or Seattle, WA would also be possibilities.