Maureen Killoran

I believe in the power of momentum.

I believe that we are all connected.

I believe that we are able to act like we believe in miracles.

I believe the blood of Christ is still beating it's heart's rhthym, within the cells he left with us, here on earth, before he went to eternity to mainfest a patience that has no limits.

I believe we answer his call in many ways, particularly as we tune in to the gentle, inviting whipser of love, that our true heart of hearts is capable of hearing.

I believe the heart listens, and knows the comfort and security of home.

A home that propells us to a place that lies beyond the shadow of doubt.

I believe in a home beyond time.

I believe in untime travel.

I believe Eternity travelers are welcome to find new ways to add to the momentum of the human minds that are bringing heaven to earth one kind act at a time.

I beleive the mystery of how much we matter is beyond our human comprehension.