Maureen Spearman

Volunteer, Biochemist, and Student in Canada

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Life is a bowl full of cherries! Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet. But always enjoyable.

I'm a biochemist by training, having worked in teaching and research in a university environment for my first career. Now, I'm on to my second career and have a passion for teaching English as a second language. I volunteer with formal ESL classes but also teach informally with new immigrants.

This year I started a conversation group in a local church. We have a dozen volunteers and usually 20-30 students dropping in. This group is not just about learning the language, but also connecting with the culture and people of our community. Learners are always so appreciative and all we are doing with them is talking! As volunteers, we also learn so much from our students, and they are an inspiration to us.

We are all learners and all teachers.