Maurice Parence


My name is Maurice Parence, but please call me Brandon. It's my middle name and my whole family has been calling me that since I was born. I was born in Cheyenne, Wyo. and raised in Colorado Springs, Colo. I'm currently a junior at the University of Wyoming and getting my degree in Communications.

I'm not into the social networking movement. The only reason I have a Facebook page is so that a friend of mine would stop hounding about not having one. The purpose of this blog is for my COJO 3530 class. I'm hoping this blog will help promote my media career and open my eyes more to social networking. This way I can keep doing what the cool kids are doing.

I like to hangout with my friends during my spare time. We like to play games, going to movies, and go to sporting events.

After I get my degree I would like to pursue a career in Residence Life Management. I eventually work my way up to a Dean of Student Life and then a Vice President of Student Affairs of a college somewhere.