Ever Escents

Student, Web Developer, and Musician in QLD, Australia

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When you visit you will marvel at our hydroponic growing tomatoes, strawberry plants, banana plant, capsicum plant, strawberry plant, tomato plant, paw paw plant. In our aquaponic tank you will see us growing seasonal barramundi, silver perch, trout, marron, yabbies. It’s easy to grow trout, silver perch and yabbie in your backyard aquaponics. Just ask us how.

At Hydroponic Xpress and Aquaponics WA we recommend and supply the Canna range of products. Canna represents state of the art in quality and performance awarded by RHP certification and winning competition awards. We carry Canna Nutrients, Canna Coco, Canna Rhizotonic, Cannazym, Canna PK 13-14 and Canna Boost. Look out for promotional pricing on some of these from time to time, like the special on Canna Coco 50L RHP bags.