Maurice Aguirre

Washignton, DC

Maurice Aguirre is a trusted counselor to corporate, nonprofit and political leaders providing strategic communications, corporate positioning, and messaging advice.

Since joining The DG Group, LLP in 2009, he has brought to the business world his unique expertise honed over more than 17 years of public policy, communications and political experience, from helping lead winning presidential campaigns to serving in different capacitiesl in the government.

At DG, he has worked with clients as diverse as ExxonMobil, Apple, Microsoft, EDS, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments, etc.

Aguirre reached out to audiences across the U.S. as Chairman of the National Council for a Republican Congress in 1997. Aguirre dramatically reshaped the Republican Party's communications efforts, rebuilt an agency demoralized by years of budget cuts, launched a new focus on America’s “renewed purpose” and made public affairs central in the development of policy.

In 1994, Aguirre served as Advisor on Border Relations for Governor George W. Bush. Aguirre worked on a range of domestic policy issues.

  • Work
    • Chief Lobbyist
  • Education
    • Harvard MA