Maurice Ewing, PhD

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My primary goal in my professional life is to help people make better decisions and to live with the ones they've already made. Having worked in over 40 countries spanning 4 continents as a consultant, trainer and banking executive, I have seen many things and benefitted from the wisdom of many others. I was also a student (albeit a dimwitted, but eager one) of many giant thinkers at Princeton, including: Daniel Kahneman, John Nash, Fisher Black (visiting), Milton Friedman (visiting) and Ben Bernanke. Now I am trying to give back. Leveraging my experiences and incorporating insights from cognitive neuroscience and decision science, my forthcoming book, "Surprise: How to Handle It", discusses how we can greet the unexpected events that permeate our business and every day lives in a way that will always enrich the experience and leave us improved.

  • Work
    • Executive, Consultant, Speaker, Author
  • Education
    • PhD and MA (Princeton), BA (Northwestern)