Maurice Nicolaas

Designer, Artist, and Art Director in Costa Rica

What’s up, I’m Maurice. I’m a designer living in Costa Rica. I am a fan of technology, travel, and sports. I’m also interested in design and arts.

Just like water, making its way through cracks, adjusting to the object, finding a way for creative solutions, Im a communication and advertising designer, graphic artist whose background and skills stream from digital onto manual media development, branding, identity, art direction and conceptualization with knowledge in website builders like wordpress, wix, and html, css and javascript (not php) coding languages.

Besides that, my experience count with more than 8 years in business administration related areas and more than 12 years experience in call center billing, sales, retentions, tech support (microsoft OS), sports and customer service, environments.

Honestly, which is the way I like to approach things, I truly believe that because of the way I process information, link up to working flows, experience, passions, passtimes, commitment and knowledge I will be a very good asset for whichever enterprise that draw upon my services.

Up next links to my artwork, portafolios and platforms with most of my creative proyects, ideas and work in general.

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  • Education
    • Universidad Veritas
    • University of Costa Rica