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The dangers of internet pills
Half of the pills over the internet are fake
Order online,. Whose presence does not work Groceries, clothes, books and equipment: with a click of the mouse you have it in the house Drugs ordered on the Internet is less sensible. Half of the pills is fake and the other half dangerous But how dangerous anyway?
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Ordering medicines over the internet has increased in recent years. More than 500,000 Dutch buy medicines over the internet without a prescription. And when they really have no idea what they swallow.

Dries de Caste, pharmacist, researcher at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment ( RIVM ): "The recognition of online providers of placebos is very difficult to see their websites are very trustworthy Like tablets and capsules that they send even... for experts counterfeit pills barely distinguishable.

Genuine Often behind Dutch websites foreign providers hides, using neology’s. Even if you only means ordering over the internet that you take for years and that you know that when you have benefit, may that are dangerous. Often it is not what it says on the package.