Mauricio Hernández Londoño

Writer, Teacher, and Consultant in Seoul, South Korea

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I am Mauricio Hernandez, from Colombia, South America.

I am passionate by learning, teaching, and networking. I think the best way to learn something is teaching and sharing.

I used to work as a teacher in Colombia. I worked for a National Institution in the field of sports training.

Actually, I live in South Korea, studying at Seoul National University a Masters Degree in Global Sports Management.

I strongly believe in people talent. I consider myself as a permanent apprentice. My motto is: Learning and teaching, this is the life is about.

My interests range from sports for development, mega sports events and sports management.

I am a blogger, I enjoy telling stories about lifestyle, knowledge and life experiences.

I used to dance and teach salsa and bachata with students and friends as a hobby, not as something professional; just for fun.

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  • Education
    • Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
    • Escuela Nacional del Deporte
    • Universidad de Antioquia
    • Seoul National University